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Free Tutorials:
Paul Neale and PEN Productions Inc. have provided these tutorials, as is, and free of charge. We would apprieciate a donation if you are using these methods in production so that we can continue providing them to you.
Cross App:
Feature lists of Max and Maya. This is not a comparison of the two packages, it is ment as a guild for people that are learning one and know the other. This tabled list will help you determine what features you will need to look for and learn to be able to perform character rigging in either package.
Lighting, Rendering and Compositing:
This is a series of three video tutorials that takes you through compositing a simple scene that has been rendered from 3DS Max 2011.
Flex is a simple dynamics modifier that can produce some interesting results if used correctly.
Video tutorial on how to set up an IK/FK blending system.
Video tutorial on how to set up twist bones on an IK/FK blending arm rig.
In this tutorial I show how to set up gears using proceedural methods so they are easy to create and fast to setup.
Leg set up using 3 IK solvers.
Quick tutorial that covers how to use soft selections to control which parts of a morph target are used by the Morpher modifier. Using a method like this allows for creating a full face target and then creating several targets from it.
Max Scripting:
I challenged all Max Script artists out there to post a script each day for five days no more then three lines long that does something that is useful or shows a useful set of commands.
Tutorial that demonstrates how bezier curves can be derived using Max script and the theory behind how they are built.
Shows the method that I use to store a custom attribute definition in one object and call functions in it from another object. This example uses the math behind rolling a wheel for the demonstration. Thanks goes to Martin Breidt for imput and corrections on this tutorial and Steev Kelly for reminding me that I said I would write it while at GDC 2005.
Discusses how to use custom attribute definitions to store references to scene nodes and controllers on a script controller so that the script controller can be name independant using the "this" construct.
This tutorial shows how to extract rotations from IK driven joints. it assumes that you have an IK driven leg created.
These are a few of the notes that I put together from the GDC max scripting class in 2005. I will try to post more of them as some of this information wasn't covered in the classes and other information was.
Brief over view of using trig in Max script.
Shows how weak referencing works with custom attributes.
How to use DotNet controls and objects in Max Script.
Rotations, Matrices and Controllers:
This tutorial tries to explain some of the general questions about position, rotation and scale transforms in 3D. Since position and scale are fairly easy to understand it manly covers rotations.
Quaternion rotations, how they work and how to use them.
This covers how rotations are handled in Lookat controllers and IK solvers.
How the Matrix really works. Matrix3 demo file:
Bobo developed an advanced Max Script DVD for CG Academy that will cover Matricies, Vector Maths and Trig. This will be a must have for ever serious TD.
Solutions to problems:
  1. Spinning Planet
  2. Scaling Bones
  3. Rotating a wrist with an IK arm